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Benefits include - 

  • Calming the mind, improving mental health, reducing stress & anxiety

  • Increase strength, flexibility & bone density

  • Creating a healthy immune system

  • Support during peri-menopause & menopause

  • Releasing muscle tension & held trauma 

  • Preventing & easing back pain

  • Improved sleep​, healthy digestion

  • Calming the autonomic nervous system

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Welcome to our boutique Yoga
& Sound Healing Studio

Often, we find ourselves rushing around balancing work, commitments & giving to others, our nervous system is running on overdrive (in fight or flight). We need time to come into stillness to find peace within. Release held tension in the body, re-store to feel balanced & grounded.

We offer alternative weeks of Hatha & Yin/Restorative yoga classes, designed to

quieten the mind, while creating strength & flexibility in the body.

Focusing on joint mobilisation, bone density, held & balanced poses help with focus & concentration, creating a strong spine & core.

Learn calming breath techniques to use when feeling stressed.

All classes start with a relaxing mindful centering followed by yoga poses (asanas), breathing (Pranayama) ending in a blissful Meditation /Relaxation or Yogic Sleep (Yoga Nidra).

 Safe alignment queues, modifications. (No-touch policy & no head or handstands).

Beginners welcome, located in a beautiful home studio in Cherrybrook.

Term Yoga Classes 

Mon 5.30pm
Mon 7.15pm
Wed 5.30pm
Wed 7.15pm
Fri 1pm

Term 2 Yoga Dates
Monday - 29th April to 1st July x9 weeks $180 (no class 10th June)

Wednesday - 1st May to 3rd July x10 weeks $200 
Friday - 3rd May to 5th July x10 weeks $200

Term 3 Yoga Dates
Monday - 22nd July to 23rd Sept x10 weeks $200

Wednesday - 24th July to 25th Sept x10 weeks $200 
Friday - 26th July to 27th Sept x9 weeks $180 (no class 13th Sept)

If  you miss a class then a link to the recording will be emailed for your home practise.

Limited class numbers, therefore please text Sara 0416 443 404 to check availability before booking online. Otherwise I can add you to our w
ait list, $25 to try a class.

Book your Event

Events Book & Pay here

Thanks for committing to invest in yourself & the time and energy of the Yoga teacher.

  • Please make your payment upon booking.

  • No refunds on Mini Retreats or Sound baths within 7 days but you are welcome to transfer your spot into a friend.

  • I may have someone on the wait list as well, many thanks for your understanding.

  • Classes generally run during the NSW public school terms

  • Classes may be transferred to the following term due to serious health issues (with a doctor's letter).

Women's Circle

NEW: Women's Sister Circles

Elements that maybe be included in a women’s circle to foster community, support, and

empowerment in a safe and supportive sanctuary.

Opening Ritual grounding activity, lighting a candle, sharing intentions, meditation.

Sharing Circle: Each participant will have an option to share their thoughts, feelings, or experiences,

also encourages active listening and empathy.

Movement & Sound to help participants connect with their bodies and release tension.

Guided Meditation to help connect with their inner selves to promote deep relaxation,

insight, and personal growth.

Creative Expression through activities like journaling, drawing, or crafting to explore thoughts

and feelings in a non-verbal way.

Closing Ritual This could involve expressing gratitude or a simple closing statement. 

Mini Yoga Retreat
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Mini Retreat includes - 
* Yoga Therapy, Yin & supported Restorative Yoga poses
* Learn tranquilising & calming breathing techniques to use when feeling stressed
* Self-massage with warm essential oils on feet
* Mindfulness exercises
* Experience meditations, relaxations & Yoga Nidra
* Drink & nibbles provided
Gift bag to take home

supportive, relaxing & caring environment, no prior yoga experience required, limited to 10 students from the age of 15 for just $89.


Experience a blissful Yoga Retreat, time connect back to yourself, quieten the mind nervous system & restore.

3hr Mini Yoga Retraet

Mini Yoga Retreats 

Sound Bath

Group Sound Bath Meditation 

Allow yourself to totally let go... feel nurtured & supported, with calming breathing techniques, experience a deep rest with Meditation, & Sound Bath.  

Featuring Crystal & Tibetan singing bowls, drums, wind gong, koshi chimes, kalimba, rain stick & more...
Holistic vibrational healing, bringing the whole body back into harmony.

Props include - bolsters, warm wheat bags, sand bags & eye pillows & essential oils. Suitable for all (15yrs+)

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Sound Healing

Personal 1:1 Sound Healing Session

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