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Helping to - 

  • Calm the mind, improve mental health

  • Reduce stress & anxiety

  • Increase strength, flexibility & bone density

  • Create a healthy immune system

  • Support during peri-menopause & menopause

  • Release muscle tension & held trauma 

  • Prevent & ease back pain

  • Improve sleep​

  • Cultivate healthy digestion

  • Calm the autonomic nervous system

  • Allow body time to heal/repair



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Georgeous yoga studio
five star rating

Welcome to our boutique 
Yoga & Sound Healing Studio

yoga calss
Mini yoga retreat
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Boutique yoga studio
restorative yoga

Often, we find ourselves rushing around balancing work, commitments & giving to others, our nervous system is running on overdrive (in fight or flight). We need time to give back to ourselves, find peace & calm our busy minds. Release held tension in the body, re-store to feel balanced & grounded.

We offer alternative weeks of Hatha & Yin/Restorative yoga classes, designed to

quieten the mind, while creating strength & flexibility in the body.

Focusing on joint mobilisation, bone density, held & balanced poses help with focus & concentration, create a strong spine & core. Learn calming breath techniques to use when feeling stressed.

All classes start with a relaxing mindful centering followed by yoga poses (asanas), breathing (Pranayama) ending in a blissful Meditation /Relaxation or Yogic Sleep (Yoga Nidra).


Safe alignment queues, modifications. (No-touch policy & no head or handstands).

Beginners welcome, located in a beautiful calming home studio

in the heart of Cherrybrook.


Weekly Timetable

Weekly Timetable



Yoga class


Mini Retreat


Yoga class


Yoga class


 Sound Bath




 1:1 Sound Healing


 1:1 Sound Healing


 1:1 Sound Healing


 1:1 Sound Healing


 1:1 Sound Healing


 1:1 Sound Healing


 1:1 Sound Healing


 1:1 Sound Healing


 1:1 Sound Healing


 1:1 Sound Healing


 1:1 Sound Healing


Yoga class


Yoga class


 1:1 Sound Healing


 1:1 Sound Healing


 1:1 Sound Healing


 1:1 Sound Healing

Term yoga Classes

beautiful yoga studio
Term 1 Yoga Timetable
Mon 5.30pm - x2 spots left
Mon 7.15pm - FULL  
Wed 5.30pm -FULL
Wed 7.15pm - x1 spot left
Fri 1pm x2 spots left
props to support you
restorative yoga
yin yoga

Term 1 Yoga Classes start back:
Mon - 22nd Jan to 8th April (no class over Easter)
Wed - 24th Jan to 10th April (no class 3rd April)
Fri - 2nd Feb to 12th April (no class over Easter) 

If  you miss a class then a link to the recording will be emailed for your home practise.


Term yoga classes & payment

How to book yoga per term

Limited numbers therefore please contact Sara on 0416 443 404 to check availability before booking per term online, or to be added to our wait list as current students have 1st priority to re-booking.
$25 to try a class first (then a
djusted for term payment)

Payment Options:
1) Direct to Bank Account - Escape with Yoga BSB - 112 879 ACC - 471 421 127
2) Below or by invoice - to pay via Credit/Debit Card 
3) Cash to class 1st day of term


2024 scheduled events

Upcoming Events for 2024

Fri 15th Mar - Sound Bath Meditation 7-8.30pm "Root chakra, grounding back to earth"
Fri 12th April - Sound Bath Meditation 7-8.30pm "Time to let go, release..."
Sat 25th May - Mini retreat with restorative yoga 2-5pm "Selfcare for Perimenopause/ menopause"
Fri 21st June - Sound Bath Meditation 7-8.30pm "Darkness of the Winter Solstice"
Sat 27th July - Mini retreat with restorative yoga 2-5pm "In flow with the water element"
Fri 16th August - Sound Bath Meditation 7-8.30pm "Self love, heart energy"
Sat 21st Sept - Mini retreat with restorative yoga 2-5pm "Mother & daughter connection"
Fri 25th Oct - Sound Bath Meditation 7-8.30pm "Throat chakra, speaking my truth"
Sat 23rd Nov - Mini retreat with restorative yoga 2-5pm "The art of letting go"
Fri 13th Dec - Sound Bath Meditation 7-8.30pm "Retreat, surrender, restore"

Mini Yoga Retreats

Mini Yoga Retreats 

Experience a blissful Yoga Retreat, time connect back to yourself, quieten the mind nervous system & restore.

Mini Retreat includes - 
* Yoga Therapy, Yin & supported Restorative Yoga poses
* Learn tranquilising & calming breathing techniques to use when feeling stressed
* Self-massage with warm essential oils on feet
* Mindfulness exercises
* Experience meditations, relaxations & Yoga Nidra
* Drink & nibbles provided
Gift bag to take home

supportive, relaxing & caring environment, no prior yoga experience required, limited to 10 students from the age of 15.


3hr Mini Yoga Retraet
mini yoga retreat
yoga retreat
mini yoga retreat
Booking and payment

Book & pay for your Event below -

Thanks for committing to invest in yourself & the time and energy of the Yoga teacher.

  • Please make your payment upon booking.

  • Escape with Yoga does not offer refunds or credits on workshops for change of mind, injury, illness or any other reason within 7 days of your Mini Retreat or Sound bath meditation but you are welcome to transfer your spot into a friend.

  • I may have someone on the wait list as well, many thanks for your understanding, Sara

  • Classes will not run during 2 weeks of the NSW public school holidays.

  • Due to our small boutique-style yoga studio with limited student numbers if you can't make a class, please let me know via text, so I can set up the class.

  • Classes may be transferred to the following term due to serious health issues (with a doctor's letter).

  • Classes will continue live on-line via zoom if needing to isolate.

  • Mini Yoga Retreats can be transferred to a friend if you are unwell or can no longer attend.

These yoga classes are being taught by a qualified yoga teacher. All care will be taken to ensure your wellbeing and safety. Any instructions given are intended as guidance only and you should not do anything that you consider inappropriate for you. Not intended as a substitute for medical advice or care. Please consult your medical practitioner before you begin or if you have any questions or concerns about the suitability of these classes.

Next group Sound Bath Meditation

Friday 15th March 7-8.30pm $40 "Root chakra, grounding back to earth"

Sound Bath
Sound Bath Meditation

Allow yourself to totally let go... feel nurtured & supported, calming breathing techniques, experience a deep rest with Meditation, & Sound Bath Immersion with Australian Quartz Crystal & Tibetan singing bowls, frame drum, wind gong, koshi chimes, kalimba, ocean drum & rain stick... 
for holistic vibrational healing, releasing the whole body.

Props include - bolsters, warm wheat bags, sand bags, warm stones for the hands & eye pillows & essential oils. Suitable for all (16+) no prior experience needed.

Personal Sound Healing

Sound Healing
Sound healing

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"Weekly yoga with Sara has completely resolved my chronic back pain. The inclusion of the meditations and oils along with the exercises have helped reduce my busy life stress levels.

I have found the small group classes friendly and inclusive and Sara is very good at making sure that everyone works at their own pace"


"Sara has created a beautiful yoga studio overlooking the bush. The perfect sanctum for practicing serenity and inner calm. Highly recommend"


"Always look forward to my weekly yoga sessions; Sara is very professional, and the studio is lovely, clean, and inviting. Never fail to leave feeling physically reinvigorated and with a calmer mind.


I also did a monthly mini-retreat and that was such a treat for the body and soul!

Totally recommend it; this would make a great gift for a friend or mum"


"Such a calming experience, always finish feeling zen and relaxed. Learned some great tips for home relaxation as well. Recommended it to anyone who is wanting to work on self-care"


"Gorgeous yoga studio. I always walk out of Sara’s classes feeling so calm and relaxed. Sara adds so much more to her classes with her personal touch of essential oils & hot stones,

highly recommend"


“Sara is a very patient, caring, nurturing teacher who brings a calm energy to her classes. Her yoga environment has a beautiful, calm energy that helps you relax your whole body and mind and brings a feeling of peace and overall wellbeing.”


"These classes have been a valuable tool for stress management. Sara is a wonderful nurturing teacher, you are always encouraged to go at your own pace. I have loved seeing my progress,

my flexibility has improved greatly."


"Sara's yoga studio has such a lovely positive and calming energy. It is a welcoming and peaceful space to truly unwind after a long day. You feel completely nurtured with all the little extras that Sara provides. My sleep is always deeper after a class.

Sara's studio is local and positioned in such a quiet area opposite bush that you can completely

'Escape' from the bustle of life."



I absolutely love your mini retreats, they are exactly what I need after a busy month of work and commuting. Life is so busy now days and your mini yoga retreat is the exact balance of relaxation, pampering and gentle yoga stretches to restore my mind, body and soul. 

I’ve attended many yoga classes and retreats and they don’t compare to your wonderful one. 

Also love the little treats, the snacks, delicious natural herbal teas, and little gift bags.

Thank you for putting such a wonderful mini yoga retreat Sara!! 


Thanks Sara for the amazing set up you have. The mini retreats are something I look forward to every month. A nice way to reset every month with some relaxing me time. I always walk away calmer and reenergized.


Always look forward to my weekly yoga sessions; Sara is very professional, and the studio is lovely, clean and inviting. Never fail to leave feeling physically reinvigorated and with a calmer mind. I also did a monthly mini retreat and that was such a treat for the body and soul! Totally recommend; this would make a great gift for a friend or mum.


Sara, amazing relaxing class. Definitely a great place for self care. Studio very calming and the hot stones are my favourite


I really enjoy Sara’s Yoga classes and her retreats. As a beginner, the atmosphere was so welcoming and relaxing, she is very knowledgeable & allows you to go at your own pace. I would recommend it to anyone thinking about starting or returning to Yoga, you won’t regret it. Thanks Sara, see you soon


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