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Sound healing

1:1 Personal Sound Healing

Benefits of

Sound Healing
  • Various vibrations to help reduce stress & inducing calm

  • Balancing the seven main energy centres in the body 

  • Reducing blood pressure & heart rate

  • Deep relaxation, increasing Nitric Oxide levels (enhances immunity, cardio & respiratory systems

  • Restoring the body back into harmony healthy resonance, from a state from dissonance (dis-ease)

  • Activating the parasympathetic nerves system & vagus nerve

  • Releasing excess energy (can be pain in the physical body)

  • Replenishing energy to areas that have become depleted

  • Healthy digestion & enhanced sleep

  • Improved mood, promote feelings of happiness and wellbeing

 1:1 Personal Sound Healing   Session

Stress is a huge contributor to illness, estimated 80% of most dis-eases.

Many medical professionals are encouraging people to explore mindfulness and relaxation therapies for their own health and wellness journey.

Personal sound healing sessions are tailored to your body taking a holistic approach, working on physical, mental, emotional and spiritually levels.  Enjoy a deep relaxation for your own self care, allowing the body repair & heal.

Feel the blissful sensations of vibration on and around the body. Using a selection of specialised instruments and integration to create harmony & balance back in your biofield and body. Four sessions recommended for best results.

Special: $10 off your 1st session

1:1 Personal Sound Healing Sessions:

x1 Session $110 - 75mins

x4 Session special package $330 - 5hrs

(instead of $440, get 1 session for free)

Rieke Healing sessions:

Starting August 2024

1:1 personal sound healing

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1:1 Personal Sound Healing Session 75min

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Sound Bath

Group Sound Bath  Meditation


A sound bath is a type of meditative practice that allows you to immerse yourself with different tones and vibrations from many instruments. The varying frequencies resonate within the body and energy centres which can help to induce a deep state of relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote physical and emotional healing.