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Weekly Timetable

Yoga classes consist of alternative weeks of a 75min Hatha/Yoga Therapy then Yin/Restorative Yoga, to gain the benefits from different forms of yoga.




Mini Retreat






 Sound Bath



 Sound Bath

Mon 5.30pm - Hatha/Yin/Restorative
Mon 7.15pm - Hatha/Yin/Restorative

Wed 5.30pm - Hatha/Yin/Restorative
Wed 7.15pm - Hatha/Yin/Restorative

Fri 1pm - Hatha/Yin/Restorative

Live Zoom option - Into any yoga class

Yoga classes are nearly fully booked, please text or e-mail through your name, and preferred class so I can add you to our waitlist✨

Many thanks
0416 443 404


How to book

Limited numbers therefore please contact Sara on 0416 443 404 to check availability before booking online, or to be added to our waitlist. 
Payment per term - $25 to try a class (If you join us will adjusted for term payment).

Term 4 Yoga Classes finish up:
Sun - 10th Dec   Mon - 11th Dec Wed - 13th Dec Fri - 15th Dec

Term 1 Yoga Classes start back:
Mon - 22nd Jan to 8th April x11 weeks $220 (no class over Easter)
Wed - 24th Jan to 10th April x11 weeks $220 (no class 3rd April)
Fri - 2nd Feb to 12th April x10 weeks $200 (no class Australia day & over Easter) 

If  you miss a class then a link to the recording will be emailed for your home practise.

Payment Options
1) Direct to Bank Account - Escape with Yoga BSB - 112 879 ACC - 471 421 127
2) Below or by invoice - to pay via Credit/Debit Card 
3) Cash to class 1st day of term


  • 5.30 or 7.15pm x11 weeks - 22nd Jan to 8th April


    220 Australian dollars
  • 5.30 or 7.15pm x11 weeks - 24th Jan to 10th April


    220 Australian dollars
  • 1pm 10 weeks - 2nd Feb to 12th April


    200 Australian dollars
  • Fri - 9th Feb 7-8.30pm

    Starts Feb 9, 2024

    39 Australian dollars

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  • Saturday 24th Feb 2-5pm

    Starts Feb 24, 2024

    79 Australian dollars

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  • Fri - 15th March 7-8.30pm

    Starts Mar 15, 2024

    39 Australian dollars

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  • Fri - 12th April 7-8.30pm

    Starts Apr 12, 2024

    39 Australian dollars

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  • Fri - 10th May 7-8.30pm

    Starts May 10, 2024

    39 Australian dollars

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  • Saturday 25th May 2-5pm

    Starts May 25, 2024

    79 Australian dollars

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  • Fri - 21st June 7-8.30pm

    Starts Jun 21, 2024

    39 Australian dollars

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  • Saturday 27th July 2-5pm

    Starts Jul 27, 2024

    79 Australian dollars

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  • Fri - 16th August 7-8.30pm

    Starts Aug 16, 2024

    39 Australian dollars

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  • Saturday 21st Sept 2-5pm

    Starts Sep 21, 2024

    79 Australian dollars

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  • Fri - 25th Oct 7-8.30pm

    Starts Oct 25, 2024

    39 Australian dollars

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  • Saturday 23rd Nov 2-5pm

    Starts Nov 23, 2024

    79 Australian dollars

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Please note

  • Classes will not run during 2 weeks of the NSW public school holidays.

  • Due to our small boutique-style yoga studio with limited student numbers if you can't make a class, please let me know via text, so I can set up the class.

  • Classes may be transferred to the following term due to serious health issues (with a doctor's letter).

  • Classes will continue live on-line via zoom if needing to isolate.

  • Mini Yoga Retreats can be transferred to a friend if you are unwell or can no longer attend.

 Yoga Classes include - 

Hatha yoga classes focus on various alignment held & balance poses, moving with the breath to calm the mind. Creating strength and flexibility, working within your own boundaries in a supportive environment, suitable for beginners. No head/handstands.

Hatha Yoga 

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Yin yoga classes are ground based, longer held poses

applying tension to the connective tissue such as the fascia, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Helps to improve a range of motion and flexibility while working to your own limits.  From age 35years our bodies naturally start to stiffen, therefore we need more Yin forms of exercise to keep us mobile.

Yin Yoga

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Restorative Yoga allows the body to feel cradled with the use of props in comfortable held positions allowing the mind and body to turn inward.  The body can then find balance and heal by grounding and calming the nervous system (NS) by engaging the parasympathetic NS which allows the body to rest and digest.  

Restorative Yoga 


Meditation or Visual Relaxation includes complete physical and mental relaxation. It's a perfect antidote to the stresses of everyday life. Students enter the threshold state between sleep and wakefulness contacting the subconscious and unconscious mind


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“We do not use the body to get into a pose – we use the pose to get into our body"- Bernie Clarke

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These yoga classes are being taught by a qualified yoga teacher. All care will be taken to ensure your wellbeing and safety. Any instructions given are intended as guidance only and you should not do anything that you consider inappropriate for you. Not intended as a substitute for medical advice or care. Please consult your medical practitioner before you begin or if you have any questions or concerns about the suitability of these classes.

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We respectfully acknowledges the traditional owners of the land on which we live, work and rest, and the strength and wisdom of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Māori people of the lands we know as Australia and New Zealand.
We pay our deep respects to the wisdom, knowledge and resilience of their Elders past, present and emerging.

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