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Teaching in Pre-schools (2-5yrs)

Helping children to create harmony in their mind and body, developing sensory awareness as children learn to notice what's going on while in poses and breathing exercises. Yoga and mindfulness offer many physical, mental and emotional benefits to young growing minds and bodies, learning valuable tools for life.

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Pinwheel Kids

Cultivating the Breath

Teaching children several different calming & tranquilizing breathing techniques, to use when needing to self-regulate.

Yoga Poses / Mindful Movement

Learning new poses & moves to increase strength, flexibility, and coordination. Helping to improve balance, focus and confidence, in young children. Helping to focus on one thing at a time to come into the moment.


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Raising Arms

Exploring different themes...

Weaving themes through our classes which may include exploring emotions, kindness to ourselves and others, gratitude for the little things and our amazing bodies.

Classes are fun and engaging, encouraging connection and self-awareness. 

Time for peace & relaxation

This maybe the most important part of class, time to still those busy minds to find inner peace.  Depending on age may include, a body scan, mindful meditation or relaxation.


For more information please contact
Sara - 0416 443 404

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